1st Lt. Laura M. Walker

24, of Fort Bliss, Texas
Died August 18, 2005 in Kandahar, Afghanistan
when an improvised explosive device detonated underneath her Humvee during
ground assault convoy operations.
Assigned to 864th Engineer Battalion
555th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (Provisional),
Fort Lewis, Wash

We found this message at   http://www.fallenheroesmemorial.com/messages.php and felt it was worth re-posting here:

"Lt. Walker, because of the circumstances that took place while we both served abroad with the same company out of Ft. Lewis, I never told you how much you inspired me to be a better person.

What I mean is, when our company advanced forward on other missions, your platoon stayed behind for other missions, and during that period you converted the old Medic Room into a dayroom for your troops. Even though there was already a morale tent available, you decided to establish a morale room closer to your troops. Because of your dedication to your troop’s well being, is why you were different from other leaders in our unit or in the military as a whole.

I know you knew how bad the morale was for the troops serving under a failed leadership in 864th. But, regardless of what some leaders out 864th were doing, you chose to make a difference by leading by example of how a leader should lead there troops during combat.

If it wasn't for my mistakes and the circumstances that were before me while serving abroad in combat, I would not have seen what you did before you departed from us. I did not know you as much as your troops knew you but of the time I did get to know you, like I said you inspired me and showed me not all leaders out 864th are ate up to the toe up. I was very bitter about what our command were doing to the morale and of what they were doing to themselves.

That is one reason why I donated my T.V. I bought for me at first and left at the Morale Room you established for your troops, and also that is why I honored you at the memorial service that took place in Bagram Air Field.

To the Walker family, I hope this message has brought some understanding of what took place while your daughter was serving abroad in combat with honor.

Lt. Walker, I will miss you always and you will never be forgotten!

Thank you so much for what you have done for your country, troops, and family and friends!


SGT. Sanders"
Timothy Sanders (Former United States Army SGT.) of Topeka, KS/United States